Check it yo, Fitch and Jove in a brand NEOO EPISERRRD

PLOT SYNOPTITS: Jove pirates a load of music, and then all hell breaks loose. Starring The-Artist-Currently-Referred-To-As-Duke and a big scary onion and a five second song by me

If for some reason you actually liked this, I've done a bunch more Fitch and Jove animations you can check on here, or alternately I have a Youtube channel (of course) and you can subscribe and watch my other daft non-animated stuff on there too -

Live long and prosper

Holy Guacamole! Fitch and Jove star in a brand new episode.

PLOT SYNOPSIS: After putting on a bit of weight from eating too many breads, Jove enlists the help of a fitness instructor who has the secret to getting ripped to oblivion right at his fingertips. But is it TOO SECRET?  

Please watch it here and I will love you forever:

For those of you who don't care about the episode and just clicked here to get buff, then please watch this video instead: